Oh My Worlds…

Hey guys, TC here. Today, some REALLY big news surfaced about Worlds. Yep! Before you ask where I’ve gotten this info from and if it’s actually real, all I can say is that everything covered in this post is 100% official and that I cannot share the link I got said info from. All good now? Let’s continue…

Crisis Caverns!

One of the new islands for Worlds has been announced and it looks pretty dang great. Wanna see what I mean? The official preview pics should be right below.


Main Street, perhaps?


New Poptropican Running Animations, along with the return of the worm.


New Poptropican Running Animations: Lava Edition


The definition of beauty is right here ^


Along with those gorgeous pictures, there is more news on the whole design-your-own-house feature. To be more specific, what you can design it with.


I don’t surf but I’m loving that surfboard right there. And that flower celling light. And those balloons. And basically everything in that pic.

So yeah, that’s the new info, folks. And I have to say, I really like what I’m seeing. What about you? Comment your thoughts down below!

-Tall Cactus

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