Theory Thursdays: Are the Islands Becoming Less Original?

It’s Thursday, Poptropicans. Which means it’s time for another theory!


Ah, Poptropica. A game with beautiful 2D graphics, memorable characters, and original plot lines…or are they that original anymore?

Well, I have to say, while the first four-or-so islands were very original, the early island that followed seemed to either be two common topics (like spies or monsters, that kind of stuff) mashed together to make one cool island, based off of just one topic, but yet has a great, original story, or just be totally Poptropica and nothing else. For example, Astro-Knights is a mashup of knights and aliens, Super Power is about superheroes, and 24 Carrot is plain Poptropica.

This method made most of the classic islands amazing, but then they SUIs came and ruined everything. By ruined I mean copying ideas from other things, more than just a common topic. 

Don’t believe me? I have proof…

  • Survival Episodes 4 and 5 are based off of the novel The Most Dangerous Game, as many community members think
  • Escape From Pelican Rock, well the whole getting framed thing and the escaping from jail, is very cliché, similar plots are in many movies and games. Some of your cellmates even have the same personalities as in some movie, noted some fellow community members, and in some Youtube comments. What’s even crazier is that you already got framed in Counterfeit Island, which BTW is my fav island and always will be
  • Virus Hunter…-_-

Of course, the worst would have to be PoptropiCon. It’s literally a copy of Marvel, mainly in episodes 2 and 3, just with different names and it being at a comic con. The thing that makes me really mad is that this island is very overrated when it shouldn’t be. At least there are cool costumes on this island and the soundtrack is amazing.

But the thing that makes no sense is the reason why Poptropica’s islands are so un-original now. My only guess is that the Creators have run out of ideas for original plots, so they got inspired by other common topics and based the game on it a little too much. Or they are just being lazy. Or they are saving all their good ideas for the New Pop. We’ll never know for sure.

There is something I do know for sure, though. Stealing ideas won’t help you in life, kids. It may seem OK to do, since the Creators of our favorite game never get in trouble for anything, but I wouldn’t do it if I were you. Unique stories are just so much better anyways.

And even if Pop is a copy, it still is a great game. Even the most cliché islands have some pretty cool original characters.

That’s all for today’s post. See you tomorrow!

-Tall Cactus

6 thoughts on “Theory Thursdays: Are the Islands Becoming Less Original?

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