Ze First Ever TCPB Survey!

So I was thinking about the future of this here blog, not sure exactly what to do and what not to do, when an idea popped into my head. I should do a survey to hear exactly what you, devoted readers, want for TCPB.

And here it is, choose your answers wisely, and make sure to have fun! Feel free to answer truthfully, as everything’s anonymous.

A post regarding the answers should probably be out next Wednesday, because well, school starts for me on next Tuesday, which was when I was originally gonna do it.

See you Poptropicacti on Thursday!

-Tall Cactus

Spectacular Sunday Surprises: CHU CHU TV!!!


I don’t know what else to post about, so enjoy these pics from Chu Chu TV, a YouTube channel so bad it’s funny. I know I said I’ll only post about Poptropica, but I just wanted to surprise you.














And that’s it. If you’re happy, make sure to smile with those chubby cheeks! If you’re not, then I’m sorry for making you see those pics…remember, it’s for preschoolers. I’m weird…

-Tall Cactus 

PS: You should be thankful that I didn’t post the actual videos.


On the evening of August 25th, 2016, Tall Cactus was laying in her bed, hanging out on the PHC and other Discord servers via her iPad Mini. But then some people start talking about some new post on the Crestors’ Blog. A curious cactus was she, she went right on to the Internet and checked the Blog, only to be surprised with…



“OMG THIS IS FREAKING CRAZY I NEED TO WRITE A POST NOOOOOW!” she thought to herself and only after it was done…

“I seriously need to stop with these third person intros.”

Hey Poptropicacti, as you saw above, there’s finally some New Pop news! And the Creators are doing polls on them too! With Polldaddy, the thing that I use! Aaaaaah!

Looks like your Poptropican will be getting an actual house. Not very surprising to be honest. But I am surprised that your house is on your own tiny island and not Home Island. If Home Island is actually going to exist in the New Pop, I have no idea.

Anyways, there is a poll on which of those five houses you like the best, and I guess the winner will be included in the New Pop!

Your options are…






My fav has to be Tudor, and Beach is at a close second. As for the others, no offense Creators, I don’t really like them.

You can vote right here: http://blog.poptropica.com/2016/08/vote-for-your-favorite-new-poptropica.html

Voting ends on Sunday at 12 am EST, so be sure to decide and vote quickly!

I’d also like to point out that New Pop’s art design is pretty similar to the Current Pop and it’s in 2D, so don’t worry! The post also mentioned that New Pop will still be coming out later this year, so a November or December release date is very likely.

-Tall Cactus


The Biggest Theory Thursday EVER

WARNING: Not only does this post contain Lost Expedition spoilers, but it’s super, duper long. Yeah…


Before we begin, I want to point out that this isn’t just one theory, but many theories connected together in some way. AlA few aren’t theories at all, just me rambling my cray cray thoughts because there isn’t enough evidence yet to back it up.

Takes deep breath.

Let’s do this…


We will begin with my theory about Octavian, because this is the one that makes the most sense and is probably true.

Like I mentioned in my “Thoughts on The Lost Expedition” post, it is revealed in TLE that Octavian is from ancient Pompeii.


Here’s the thing. I don’t think Octavian is as evil as we all think. The map says Pompeii AD 79, aka when Mount Vesuvius erupted and killed all those people. What if he somehow escaped? And is now trying to get home to his family? It is revealed in the Book 3 preview that he wants to change the timeline. He probably isn’t going through with all his evil plans, he is just trying to save his family and friends from being killed by the eruption!

Also, you may think he is that famous Roman emperor Augustus, who changed his name to, but he died in AD 14, 65 years before AD 79. So, our Octavian was just a random citizen, I guess.

But why does he have modern clothing on? Probably to blend in, I guess. In Pompeii he probably looked something like….this:

Screenshot 2016-06-28 at 6.54.24 PM

And if you look closely enough at the picture above (the map one, not Poptropolis one) you will see that Octavian has one of those tattoos. I’ll explain more on that later, as it explains even more about Octavian and how he will change the course of history.

What even is Poptropica?

I used to just think it was some random planet full of islands. It probably is, but then again, now we know that Poptropica has some sort of connection with Earth, and messing with Pop doesn’t necessarily ruin just Pop, but mainly Earth.

This brings us back to a theory I wrote back in February: the Frozen in Time Theory, which may be more true than ever now and remains to be what I think happened.



Will the truth be revealed in the graphic novel series? Yes.

Who caused it? Maybe Octavian, or even the kids, but probably some past event that caused Pop to even exist and began the Society.

But, what went wrong? We will probably find out soon.

Also, I’m pretty sure that they aren’t actually time traveling in TLE, all the time periods exist at the same time on separate islands. The map just guides them of where to travel.

Mystery Train Island ISN’T a play…

Even though my Frozen in Time theory is almost certainly true, I would be surprised if it wasn’t, a couple of my other, newer theories were proven false. We know now that Mystery Train Island was actually real, since important historical events exist in Poptropica, just as islands. Same goes for Time Tangled. Heck, Time Tangled will probably become super important soon.

The Secret Society and Tattoos

And then there’s the Secret Society. We don’t know much about them yet, but we are sure to find out lots of info in Book 3, which is titled “The Secret Society”. It doesn’t come out till April though, wah!

Anyways, it seems to be split up into two groups, yet both are trying to protect Poptropica from outsiders.

The first group seems to be these weird trooper people who fly around all the islands in this weird flying thing. They have modern technology, actually FUTURISTIC technology, including these weird electric “Stun Butons” (or something like that, it’s a store item).




Remember that symbol, it’s important…

Then there’s the second group. They seem to be normal people, until you see how they act. And the walkie talkie. And then that tattoo…

They are probably spying for the Society. And the other people from the so called past don’t seem to care, maybe they now about the future and the Society too?!

I would also like to point out that none of the “famous” historical people are a part of the Society. Yes, all he islands featured in the Lost Expedition are actually based on real events. Even the H.M.S. Terror was real, I suggest you look that up online. It’s shocking how similar it is to the book.

Octavian, Part 2

If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that Octavian’s tattoo has scratches over it. He must have been the Society spy person for Pompeii, but abandoned them.


If you didn’t know, scratches, cuts, whatever over a certain symbol usually means the person ditched them. It’s foreshadowing, kids.

Octavian probably knows so much about Poptropica, no wonder he knows how to change history and stuff. I can’t wait till we find out more, he’s my favorite character in the series!

Upon Rereading MotM…

I noticed a few details that didn’t make sense before now.

#1: This guy…

Even though it doesn’t show it, that guy probably DEFINITELY has a tattoo and is associated with the Society. He may even be the guy talking through the computer at the end of TLE!


Heck, he could even be the leader! Guess we’ll see when the third book comes out in April.

#2: This thing…


Possibly the time device from Time Tangled Island, further proving my theory that Octavian was the one who caused your Poptropican to have to save the future.

What about your Poptropican?

There is a good chance that your Poptropican is also a part of the Society, as many of the islands in the actual game are based on historical events, mainly Time Tangled Island, where you have to fix the past to save the future by collecting those items and putting them back in the right time period. Wait wait, what if it was OCTAVIAN who messed everything up?! Or it was just a malfunctioning time machine, like stated in the island. Or both. I don’t know…

However, your Poptroican may be separate, as they only save Poptropica, there is no mention of the “real world” or whatever they’re gonna call it. Unless the Secret Society, whatever their real society name is, saves Poptropica and stops those villains too.

All we need to do to figure out if your Poptropican is a member of the Society or not is to check their arm and see if they have s tattoo or not. But we can’t right now, the arms aren’t realistic, unlike the art style of the graphic novels. This may, and probably will change when the New Pop comes out, however, and a tattoo may be there. If you do actually have one, you are a part of the Society, if you don’t, then nope!

There won’t be a Lost Expedition Island

You see, in the graphic novel, they go to several different islands, so I doubt that they will make an actual game island based on it. Also, the Creators are too busy making the New Pop. And unlike MotM, they did not release it online first, so I had to actually buy TLE. Well my parents did. Same thing. Ugh lets just move on…

Phew, congrats to all of you who made it this far. Don’t worry, there are only a few more paragraphs left, and then you can return to whatever you were doing before reading this post.

There was a reason this week’s Theory Thursday was so freaking long. You see, I would have split these Lost Expedition theories into different posts, but I can’t, as Theory Thursdays will be going on hiatus for the next month or so. Why? They will be replaced with THROWBACK Thursdays for the month of September, to celebrate Pop’s birthday month.

Don’t be sad though, this four week special event is gonna be awesome! And theories will return back on a weekly schedule in October.

So yeah, that’s the end of this mega theory post. You can return to society now, thanks for wasting 20 minutes or so of your precious life reading this 😃

-Tall Cactus




Commenting About Comments

Hey Poptropicacti, today I just wanted to do a quick post about he comment section.

No, this isn’t about how you shouldn’t spam or do anything inappropriate, it’s about how I’m not going to be able to respond much anymore. 

School is starting in just a couple weeks and I’m beginning to get more busy in real life, along with that I have a ton of posts to write. I’m now doing all these posts ahead of time, like I’ll just do the entire week’s posts through the weekend and early weekdays, so those days I’ll be even more prone to not being able to answer comments on existing posts.

I’ll try to answer any questions you guys have but for everything else, don’t be surprised if I don’t respond. Just know that I do read every single comment and I’m thankful for all of them.

-Tall Cactus

I’ve Made My Decision

Pop TV will be on hiatus until New Pop comes out and will be rewritten from the beginning. 

I know, I know, it’s not what the majority of you wanted, as seen by the poll. But here’s the thing. If a graphic novel could ruin the series, New Pop definitely will. And I’m going to be starting school soon, maybe it’s for the best.

I could have just changed a few details, but it just doesn’t work like that. Octavian has hinted about being from Earth many, many times, I can’t make him suddenly change his mind, that would make the series even worse. I’m not going to continue with the original story, as I want Pop TV to be as canon as possible, and I’m not canceling it for good, because I like the story too much, I don’t want it to end up like Totem Curse.

However, it may be a little confusing to new readers about which Pop TV is the post-New Pop one and which one was the cancelled one. That being said, I will go ahead and change the name of the original 7 Pop TV episodes to Pop TV: The Pilot Episodes. The post-New Pop series will be called Pop TV: Secret of the Medallion.

Many, many shows have pilots that introduce some of the main characters and stuff like that, but those are just made so that the real show will be created, they aren’t canon or anything. That’s what I’ll be doing. There will be the same main characters, but Octavian is not going to be Jack’s dad or Amelia’s husband, as it is hinted in the Lost Expedition that he already has a family back in Pompeii. Octvaian will be replaced with an original character who will have a similar, but more a minor role as him. Octavian will still appear in Secret of the Medallion, just with a very different role than before. Piper and Jack will pretty much be the same, except I’m gonna make Jack a little nicer. Zoey will be EXACTLY the same, she has an awesome backstory that will not be affected by any of the graphic novels, and she will become a pretty major character after Episode 13. Dr. Hare will probably still be the main villain for the first half of Season 1. Yes, SotM will still have 3 Seasons with 26 Episodes. And that’s only the beginning…

Pop TV: Secret of the Medallion is going to be way better, the wait will be worth it. I promise that I will not let anything ruin this series ever again.

-Tall Cactus

Thoughts on The Lost Expedition

Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for both The Lost Expedition AND Pop TV. Read at your own risk…

After writing last night’s post about the second graphic being out for days now, I asked a few people on Discord if they read it or not. I found out that PHB author Brave Tomato has read it, and that there IS a ton of lore and stuff in it, so I had to get it!

I got it way sooner than expected, AKA this morning.


And so I read it.

I just have to say that I was not disappointed. It was way better than MotM, like much, much better. This may have to do with it being written by a different author than MotM, a longtime Creator who’s name I cannot remember, I mean Mitch Krapta, and he’s gonna be writing the rest of the series, which is awesome!

One of the major differences is that instead of just being on that one island, they went to a bunch, we helped make the book more interesting. The main characters in TLE were much more likable than in MotM, even though I still find Jorge to be super annoying and unneeded. As for the minor ones, they were pretty darn cool too, unlike those stupid Vikings from MotM.

I still wish that they would actually go to real islands from the game though. They got real close this time, the first island featured other than that stupid Viking one is one that seems to be a mix of Poptropolis and Mythology. So maybe islands like Wild West or Mystery Train will be mentioned in the next graphic novel.

But the best part would have to be the lore we learned. I’m not gonna go explaining that today, though. I have so many theories because of the Lost Expedition, so get hyped for the longest and craziest Theory Thursday EVER. Sadly, my Mystery Train and Time Tangled Island are plays theory was proven false, but one of my oldest theories will be getting a major upgrade. It’s gonna be awesome, just wait and see.

However, there’s something else I should discuss…my fan fiction.

Towards the end of the book, it is revealed that Octavian is NOT from Earth/the real world like many people theorized, including myself. He’s from…POMPEII!!!


Dude, don’t go back to AD 79, you’re gonna die when that volcano erupts!!!

We shouldn’t be surprised, to be honest. The name Octavian IS Latin, after all. And his skin tone and hair color does look pretty Mediterranean to me.

Here’s the thing though. A major plot point of Pop TV was going to be about how Octavian is from the same small town in Massachusetts as Piper, and is actually her…scroll down if you don’t wanna know…








But now if he’s from Pompeii, I don’t know what to do. The entire fan fiction is kinda ruined. You could just say that it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t match up to the graphic novels, as it’s a fan FICTION, but you gotta remember that this series is about what it would be like if Poptropica was a cartoon on TV, so it has to be as canon as possible.

So this leaves me a few options…

1. Cancel the series altogether.

2. Leave it as how it originally was gonna be.

3. Change a few details of the series without cancelling it!

4. Wait until New Pop comes out and redo the series.

Since I know many of you readers can’t comment, you can share your thoughts in this poll:

I’d also like to point out that Octavian has been shown to act suspicious about Earth, so changing the part about him being from present day Earth will be way, way harder to correct.

And the New Pop could mess up some stuff as well, so I don’t know what to do anymore!

So until I come up with a solution, or change the entire story around, Pop TV will be on hiatus for an unknown amount of time. This could be from a few days to a few months. Even if we do decide to keep it going, new episodes won’t be out for a while since school starts soon and I’ll be super busy. What terrible timing…

Look, I’m really sorry about this guys. But I made a mistake, I should have followed the paths of many other cartoons and not say much about the lore until later on in the series. You never know when stuff like this will happen.

Anyways, I’ll see you on Thursday for my biggest theory yet. Oh wait, I think some other random post will be posted tomorrow. But then the theory will be out… *wink*

-Tall Cactus




The First Sunday Surprise: Changing Up My Outfit?!

Hey Poptropicacti, welcome to the first episode of Spectacular Sunday Surprises!


This week, we will be starting SSS with a bang cause…

I’m thinking about switching up my Poptropican’s oufit.

That may be a shocker to some of you, since I’ve had the same default costume for my entire blogging career, but, to be honest, I’m getting bored of wearing the same thing.

So that’s why I’m glad, glad, glad to officially reveal my new signature look!


Sorry for the poor quality and messed up earrings, I took this pic on the Pop app by using the transfer look feature.

“Wait, I saw that you changed to that look days ago on my Friends page!”

Yeah, I did, in fact I wrote this post and scheduled it on Monday. Changing my costume early could have ruined the surprise, but you didn’t know that it was gonna be my new look foreber, did you?

Anyways, on the comments feel free to let me know your thoughts. Like it? Love it? Hate it? Don’t care? Want me to switch back to my original oufit or make a completely different one? I want you to help me decide if this new outfit should be permanent or not.

That’s all for now, have a wonderful week, and stayed tuned for what awaits next Sunday!

-Tall Cactus

My Bad…

If you read that news post from yestready, then you know that I said that Thursday’s theory will be about my predictions on the upcoming sequel to MotM, The Lost Expedition. Well, it’s turns out that I didn’t read those Creators’ Blog posts carefully enough because…

The Lost Expedition released to bookstores everywhere FOUR DAYS AGO!!!

So yeah, here’s what’s gonna happen now…

I’m not entirely sure if I’m gonna buy the book or not. I’m gonna wait until some reviews come out on either an official site or another fan blog such as the PHB, because you know what? I don’t want to read a single sentence of it, let alone an entire novel, if it turns out being as bad as MotM.

But you never know, this could end up being the turning point for the series, giving us a ton of lore and details about the mysterious world of Poptropica. That being said, if I like what I hear, I may just ask my parents to buy it for me.

Yet, I don’t know when that will be. If I get my parents to buy it, and it’s before or on Thursday, then that week’s theory will be on what we learned in the graphic novel, my predictions for the third (which won’t come out till April, sadly), and any other thoughts or speculations I have. I may do a separate review post, too.

If I do buy the book, and it’s after Thursday, I’ll still do a review, but I’m not sure about a theory. Why? Well, I’m not gonna explain everything just now, but during the month of September, Theory Thursdays will be replaced with Throwback Thursdays to celebrate Pop’s birthday month. More details coming soon 😉

If I don’t buy the book at all, then I’m not so sure to be honest. I’ll probably end up getting it, so why does it matter right now. Shame that they didn’t release it online first like MotM…

That’s all for now, Poptropicacti, cya later!

-Tall Cactus

Pop TV: Episode 7


Poptropica: The TV Series

Season 1, Episode 7

I Can Fly!

That Wednesday…

*The school bell rings and Piper and Jack are seen in math class, sitting in the front row. Jack is sharpening a pencil, frustrated cause the point keeps breaking, while Piper falls asleep, mumbling things about emojis and unicorns. A nerdy girl sits next to Jack, reading a book about calculus, and a troublemaker boy is next to Piper, throwing a paper plane at the teacher.*

Teacher: Ahem.

Troublemaker: Sorry Mrs. David…

Teacher: More like another detention for you, Brian Brad Brown. Anyways, class…

Piper: *snores*

Teacher: Listen up!

Piper: *quickly wakes up* Wha-what?!

Teacher: As you all know, your geometry project is due today. Come up to the front and hand them to me.

*All the students run up and form a line. The nerdy girl hands in her project in a neat, over organized binder with plastic covering over all the papers. Brian folds his project, which is just a sloppy piece of paper, into another paper plane and throws it at Mrs. David once again. But when it gets to Piper’s and Jack’s turn…*

Jack: Wait, there was a project due?

Teacher: Yes, it was assigned on Monday, and you just had to miss that day of school. You should have just asked me for the work you missed. Did you even get your other homework done?

Jack: Um…yes? I uh, left it at home?

Teacher: An obvious lie. You should be ashamed of yourself, young man. Let’s see if Piper did hers…

Piper: How am I supposed to do any of this work if I don’t even know what the heck we’re learning!!! I joined this school last week, you can’t expect me to be perfect…

Teacher: Excuses, excuses. You young man will be getting a phone call to your parents, and for the girl, I guess I’ll call her “guardians”. Go back to your seat, you have failed…ok, today’s lesson will be about…

Piper: *sits down and starts crying*

Jack: *breaks pencil he couldn’t sharpen in half*


After school…

*Piper and Jack walk through the front door to see Octavian and Amelia standing right there.*

Octavian: We need to talk…

*The four of them are then seen sitting at the dining table.*

Amelia: I can’t believe your grades, you’re totally failing.

Octavian: Not to mention the phone call we got from your math teacher earlier.

Amelia: So we’ve been thinking, and it’s pretty obvious why you can’t catch up with schoolwork: your adventuring. We have decided that maybe you should stop with it until you can figure out how to make time for homework.

Piper: This is the worst day ever…*starts crying again and runs up to the bedroom*

Jack: But, what about Dr. Hare, he could get away and…

Octavian: Someone else can go look for him. Maybe even me and your mother.

Jack: You mean, your mother and I.

Octavian: That was unnecessary.

Jack: But Dad, please, let us find Dr. Hare. Once we stop him, we can end this whole adventuring thing and catch up with school. Maybe we could find him today!

Amelia: Hmm, maybe you’re right. But you must promise to do all your homework first, and eat dinner. OK?

Jack: Thank you Mom, lemme go tell Piper…*runs upstairs*

Piper (screaming and shaking the whole house): THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!

One hour and 23 minutes later…

*Jack and Piper land the blimp on Sky Island, and hop out.*

Piper: Don’t you think it’s bad that we got all those answers online…

Jack: That doesn’t matter when the fate of Poptropica is in our hands. Let’s go ask those people about the medallions and where Dr. Hare could be.

*They walk inside that little building. Only one person is there, that woman called Melissa who is checking the Dr. Hare radar.*

Melissa: Oh, hey there, Jack and Piper. You came at a bad time, lol.

Jack: What’s wrong?

Melissa: The whole group is on Shark Tooth, looking for Dr. Hare. And a few others are doing top secret stuff that even I don’t know about.

Piper: Oh.

Jack: Wait, we were there yesterday! We couldn’t find him, though. But we got another medallion. What even are these medallions, anyway?

Melissa: I’m sorry, but I’m not so sure. I only joined this organization a couple weeks ago, so they don’t trust me with that information yet.

Piper: Dang it!

Melissa: You can come back Ina few days or so and ask, I guess. Anyway, it would be a big help if you went to this little island right off of the eastern part of Bay City, we have found that there’s some trouble going on over there. Be warned though, that part of town is obsessed with super heroes.

Jack: Did you say, trouble? Wait wait wait, there are more villains than just Dr. Hare?

Melissa: Yup, sadly. Dr. Hare is just our main threat right now. I’m not so sure, but a bunch of new villains have started their evil plans in the past few days. It’s really weird…

Piper: *eyes grow wide* NO WAY!

Jack: What even happened on, “Super Hero Island” or whatever it’s called?

Melissa: Apparently some radioactive meteor crashed right into the local prison and now a bunch of the prisoners have super powers. Yeah, it’s weird. So go over there and help stop them!

Jack: OK then. This sure will be interesting…

On the Island…

*Lots of screaming is heard as they land on the island. Police are ever weird. The glowing green meteor is right near them, as the prison is only like 10 feet away from the main island.*

Police: OK, here are the files on the villains. They are robbing the bank and just causing mayhem, please stop them. Also here are two pairs of handcuffs to trap them and limit their powers. Thank goodness you two are helping, I retire tomorrow!

Jack: *flips through files* Looks like we have to stop Copy Cat, Speeding Spike, Crusher, Ratman, Sir Rebral, and Betty Jetty…what kinda names are these?!

Piper: *walks over to meteor* Ooh what will happen if I touch it?

Jack and Police: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Piper: Boop! *touches meteor*

Jack: Seriously… I don’t even wanna see what happens to her, I’m just gonna go stop Copy Cat…

*Jack walks into the bank and punches Copy Cat in the face, handcuffing her before she can multiply herself. He also goes and punches Crusher, Sir Rebral, and Ratman the same way.*


Piper: Woah my hands feels all ticklish…

*Her hand glows green for a minute, and then her whole body for a brief second, before she returns to normal.*

Piper: Oh come on, nothing even happened!

*Just then, she starts floating in the air*

Piper: Oh my gosh, I can fly!

*Flies up into the air*

Piper: Wee! Oh wait, who’s that!

Betty Jetty: Catch me if you can, sucker! *flies away*

Piper: Uh oh…*flies after her*


*Jack is seen running after Speeding Spike in a subway car.*

Jack: Uh, uh, please just stop, I can’t do this anymore…

*Jack collapses on the ground, right on top of Speeding Spike. After laying there for a few minutes, he gets up, handcuffs Spike, and walks him to the prison, where he sees Piper…*

Betty Jetty: Haha, you’ll never catch up to me! *shoots out green electric balls*

Piper: Ugh! *dodges balls*

Betty Jetty: When will you ever give up?!

Piper: Yay, I’m almost there, wait, what?!

*She starts falling*

Piper: Oh no, my flight powers are going away, I didn’t touch the meteor long enough! AAAAAH SOMEONE, HELP!!!

Jack: I’ll get you! *Catches Piper right before she hits the ground.*

Piper: But we need to stop Betty Jetty!

*Betty Jetty floats down to the ground.*

Betty Jetty: You can’t stop me! I’m- OOOF!

*Some nerd punches her in the face, sending her launching in the sky.*

Nerdy Kid: I am Ned Noodlehead, I mean, Super Hot Dog Boy, and I have saved you all!

People: Hooray!

Mayor: Here, take this medallion, you deserve it. *wipes tear*

Jack: What the heck, we did all the work. Ugh, whatever, let’s go home…

*The two of them walk back to the blimp, Piper grabbing the medallion out of Ned’s hands before they fly away, never to return.*


(As the credits roll, Ned is seen running away from a bunch of crowds.

Ned: I just want to go back to my comic shop, help!)