Theory Thursdays: The Unsolved Mysteries of Poptropica #2

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone! Hope you had a fun time looking for leprechauns and stuff like that. To make things even better, it’s time for another edition of…


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As you all know, last week I did something a little different- the Unsolved Mysteries of Poptropica! At the end of the post, I had a poll asking you guys if I should do a second part of it, and almost everyone said yes! So, here it is. 🙂


Our first question comes from Draco:

“Where is my true home on Pop?”

TC’s Theory: Probably Home Island. Home is literally in its name. 🙂


The second question comes from NOVEEN TALKED HAHA SWAG:

“Why was Monster Carnival Island so disappointing?”

TC’s Theory: Monster Carnival was originally going to be released as Poptropica’s 4th island in 2008, but 24 Carrot Island replaced it. When MC finally was released, the Creators probably wanted it to have a more simplistic, easier plot, to represent what it was originally going to be like. However, I personally wouldn’t call it “disappointing.” It was just an easy, yet enjoyable island for me. Mainly because of Ringmater Raven and his backstory.


Giant Hawk asks the third question:

“Who on Steamworks Island created the Robot Crab?”

TC’s Theory: I really don’t know…maybe Sully? It could be anyone.


Here’s the fourth question, from Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote!

“Who is the tallest cactus in all of Poptropica”

TC’s Theory: Me, of course! 😀 Well, ever since my cousin, the previous tallest cactus in Poptropica, was eaten by some weirdo on Youtube…WHY?!?


OK, back to business. Our fifth question also comes from Yujo:

“I could create a Monkey Wrench question: How did Mongo come up with such a design for the blimp on the spot? Perhaps he saw it in an 8 year old online flashgame that hasn’t had an explanation for how the blimp came about until now. . . 😏

TC’s Theory: That monkey was probably a genius. Monkey’s are smarter than you think! Or, of course, he saw it in a flashgame…OMG WHAT IF THEY HAVE A GAME LIKE POPTROPICA INSIDE OF POPTROPICA?!? OK I need to stop, I’m getting everyone confused.


And our final question was asked by Samwow5 (Tough Icicle):

“What do you think happened to all the villains that escaped SVI?”

TC’s Theory: Probably trying to fit in with society, escape the police and other people who still think they are evil, blah blah blah… Well, in about a month a Totem Curse chapter will come out about this…stayed tuned. 😉


And that wraps up this week’s Theory Thursday. I hope you all enjoyed!

Tall Cactus

PS: The next Theory Thursday will NOT be the Unsolved Mysteries of Poptropica. However, I may do UMoP again in the upcoming weeks and months. 🙂

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