Theory Thursdays: Is Your Poptropican Really a Kid?

Hello and welcome back to Theory Thursdays! This week, we will discuss a topic that isn’t really talked about much- the true age of your Poptropican.

Now, you might be like, “Our Poptropican is a kid! You enter you’re age when you create your Poptropican in the first place!” But, the thing is, once you think about it, everything you do in Poptropica would NOT happen to a kid in real life. Like, why would your parents let you risk your life, and almost destroy the world, every time you hop into your blimp? And why would you trust strangers? Most of the time the world nearly gets destroyed because you trusted someone who turned out to be an evil villain. (I’m looking at you, Zeus…) Oh, and let’s not forget the time when you had to go to the moon in Astro-Knights and Lunar Colony, go inside someone’s body in Virus Hunter, save people from a sinking ship in S.O.S., etc., etc., becuase an ADULT made you. I don’t even think that’s legal. So, now do you think your Poptropican is a kid? Probably not.

There’s even more proof in Time Tangled Island. When you travel 50 years into the future at the end, you see your older self. Now, let’s say your Poptropican is 10. That would mean that your future Poptropican would be 60. But, your older self does not look 60. They look at least 75. That would mean your Poptropican would have to be a young adult, about 20-some years old. And, by the way, your future self is wearing the same exact clothes that you are wearing. If you were a kid, you would still be growing so the clothes would be too small for your older self.

I might be wrong though. Especially with that one part in Timmy Faliure Island were you couldn’t go in the bowling alley without an adult with you. And you are called “kid” a few times too. So, I guess you’re either an adult or a kid who somehow does the most dangerous stuff ever and has clueless parents. But, if you really are a kid, why would those adults make you be the hero when they could do it themselves? I could go talk about all of that now, but that’s another theory for next week. See you then.

Tall Cactus


13 thoughts on “Theory Thursdays: Is Your Poptropican Really a Kid?

  1. To add to the theory, the reason you’re called “kid” in Timmy Failure Island is probably because you’re the same size as Timmy, and Timmy is a kid, so stereotypes and stuff happen and they inference you’re a kid.

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    • You might be right. In the classic, non sponsored islands, all the Poptropicans are the same size no matter how old you are, but since Timmy Failure Island happens in another universe, the people look more realistic and Poptropicans are short. Plus, sometimes adults are called kids just because they act like a kid.


  2. Well, here’s an idea. (I’m ok with you using but reference me if you do!!)
    So, rather then being a kid or a adult, let’s say your poptropcian is about 17-18, old enough to know what to do and be on their own, but young enough to be called “kid.”
    Also, that would explain why you didn’t go to Juvenile rather than Pelican Rock. Wht do you think?


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