Utter Disappointment

One day, TC was just checking the Creators’ Blog like she always does after a long day at school. Most of the time there isn’t a new post, but this day, oh this day was different…



Excitedly, and nervously, TC clicked the post, expecting some huge revelations on the upcoming game. Little did she know it was just…


A worm. A freaking worm.

I am so freaking mad right now that I can’t even continue talking in third person. All that waiting, for this?!


We better get some real sneak peaks next time, we better.

-Tall Cactus is MAD 😡



Spectacular Sunday Surprises: The Real Reason Behind New Pop (Theory)


As you saw in the title, this week’s surprise is a theory. Yes, a theory. You might be like, “There’s already Theory Thursdays for that,” but that series is on hiatus until October because of Throwback Thursdays. I don’t want to wait that long. And this is Spectacular Sunday Surprises, it could be anything.

So, let’s begin…

If if you haven’t already heard, Google Chrome is starting to block Flash. Well except for the Top 10 sites, mainly social media. It’s been known for months now, but now they are finally starting to go through with it, the newest update is the beginning stages to wiping out Flash and replacing it with HTML5. Flash should be officially blocked sometime in December.

But, what does this have to do with Poptropica? Well, if you didn’t already know, Pop is a flash game. And many, many players use, well, Chrome.

Sure, there will be a way to turn Flash on for each website, but do you think kids will be able to know how to do that? Not really. Which means Pop would begin to fail if they continued with Flash.

That’s why they are making a New Poptropica with Unity. That way, when it releases about the same time that Flash starts dying on Chrome, the game will not be affected and thus saved.

So next time you feel upset about Pop 2.0, just remember that it’s not the Creators’ fault, it’s Google’s.

-Tall Cactus 


On the evening of August 25th, 2016, Tall Cactus was laying in her bed, hanging out on the PHC and other Discord servers via her iPad Mini. But then some people start talking about some new post on the Crestors’ Blog. A curious cactus was she, she went right on to the Internet and checked the Blog, only to be surprised with…



“OMG THIS IS FREAKING CRAZY I NEED TO WRITE A POST NOOOOOW!” she thought to herself and only after it was done…

“I seriously need to stop with these third person intros.”

Hey Poptropicacti, as you saw above, there’s finally some New Pop news! And the Creators are doing polls on them too! With Polldaddy, the thing that I use! Aaaaaah!

Looks like your Poptropican will be getting an actual house. Not very surprising to be honest. But I am surprised that your house is on your own tiny island and not Home Island. If Home Island is actually going to exist in the New Pop, I have no idea.

Anyways, there is a poll on which of those five houses you like the best, and I guess the winner will be included in the New Pop!

Your options are…






My fav has to be Tudor, and Beach is at a close second. As for the others, no offense Creators, I don’t really like them.

You can vote right here: http://blog.poptropica.com/2016/08/vote-for-your-favorite-new-poptropica.html

Voting ends on Sunday at 12 am EST, so be sure to decide and vote quickly!

I’d also like to point out that New Pop’s art design is pretty similar to the Current Pop and it’s in 2D, so don’t worry! The post also mentioned that New Pop will still be coming out later this year, so a November or December release date is very likely.

-Tall Cactus


The New Poptropica: Dreams and Realities (Pt. 2)

The latest Minecraft update was called 1.9. The next update will be called 1.10, as there will not be a Minecraft 2.0 anytime soon. This happened with many other games too. But not Poptropica…

Poptropicans, welcome to Part 2 of my New Poptropica/Pop 2.0 discussion series. Today will be a lot less negative (hopefully) than last time, as I will be explaining what I really hope will be in this huge update,

But before we start, I have a tiny little update about the New Pop which may reveal a lot more than first thought. You know how in Part 1 I discussed a PHB post about how Pop 2.0 is being made on Unity, which is mainly used for making 3D games and is not compatible with Chrome? Well, it’s still not looking good with the whole Chrome issue, yet there is some great news. You see, the Creators finally commented which I was hoping for. Take a sec to read the comment here, cause what I am going to say will make no sense if you don’t read it.

Done yet? Yes? OK, let’s continue then…

First of all, I really hope the Creators somehow get to read this post. You see, they said they can only really see posts on Twitter, but my Twitter account was deleted. You never know though, as the Internet is a crazy place. And if you are reading this, Creators, I just want to say thank you for actually listening to us, random players in this huge world. It means a lot. It really does.

But man, I’m just so relived that the New Pop is going to stay 2D. I seriously hate 3D games…OK fine, I like some of them! Like Minecraft, obviously. Anyways, Poptropica has always been 2D, and it’s the thing that makes Poptropica so special.

So that’s the latest New Pop news. I think I’m only going to share any new news on Tuesdays in this series, but if it’s major, and I mean like release-date-confirmed news, then I’ll tell you ASAP, no matter what day of the week, and since it’s almost summer and school’s ending next week, no matter what time of day.

Now it’s time for just some of the totally crazy and random things that I want to be in Pop 2.0!

  • Skydock Island (the cancelled Home Island update that I was really hyped for *cries*)
  • A backstory for the map and your Poptropican, similar to Monkey Wrench Island
  • A way to read the MotM graphic novel series online (like in 2015)
  • Poptropica TV’s Return! (You now, that thing in September that seems to have been forgotten)
  • More games and comics on Daily Pop, updated Celebrity Clips
  • More contests and giveaways
  • App with all the islands on it
  • Less glitches
  • An island that stars bloggers from the Pop community
  • Balloon Boy Returns Island
  • Daphne Dreadnaught and all those other forgotten villains in their own Pop island

Oh, and of course we can’t forget this important idea…


Yeah, super important.

Well, seems like we have reached the end of a post once again. I would have liked to add even more ideas in this post, but remember, this is a several-month long series ending with me actually playing the New Pop and making the ultimate decision of whether to stay or leave. So I can’t just have my growing list of a few hundred ideas in one post, that’s stupid! As for next week’s New Pop post, I’ll be discussing some certain comments by Striped Lizard…

-Tall Cactus

The New Poptropica: Dreams and Realities (Pt. 1)

NOTE: This post is not meant to criticize the game or offend the Creators. It is just some of my thoughts on the matter. Please respect my opinions, and I will respect your’s.

It all started one day, just about a month ago…

I had just gotten home from school that Monday afternoon. I went on my phone right away to check the Creators’ Blog, only to see this:

Screenshot 2016-05-24 at 3.36.21 PM.png

That April day, everything changed, forever, for the better or the worse…

Well, hey Poptropicans! As you can see, today is Part 1 of my weekly New Poptropica series. Every Tuesday before the official release, see me share my thoughts, predictions, worries, and rants about this huge update, which may not be as good as it seems…with realities possibly ruining all our perfect dreams.

So, yeah, let’s start this. The only other time that I shared my thoughts on the New Pop / Pop 2.0 was back on April 25th, right after I saw the Creators’ Blog and PHB posts that afternoon. I was a little late to see the news since I was at school all day, but whatever. You can read the post here, even though my thoughts on the New Pop have totally changed over the past month. But it’s still kinda funny to see, so go check it out if you want.

Another rambling, let’s start this post for real now!

OK, so a couple of days ago HPuterpop posted about a New Pop update on the PHB. Read it here. Done reading it? Yes? Good. Because, well…*takes deep breath*

You see, I was already worried that the New Pop would be bad, but the whole fact that the New Pop is being built on Unity, which makes 3D games and doesn’t work on Chrome, just ruined that part of me that was excited for this update. If there’s something you should know about me, it’s that 1. I HATE 3D games and 2. I use Chrome. So it’s no surprise that I’m upset about this. Look, this is real bad, for me, the community, and the game itself. Most people use Chrome, so less people will be able to actually play the game. And many people who have been playing this game for a long time will be sad to see their childhood of islands like Early Poptropica and Shark Tooth Island replaced with Poptropicans that look like every other online avatar. Even though I’ve only been playing since March 2015, it was far enough back that Home Island didn’t even exist, there were no tutorials at all. And yet that was fun, more fun than Pop is today. Another point to make is that though the Current, soon to be Old Poptropica will not be deleted or anything, new players aren’t going to play it. They will only know the New Poptropica. That’s very upsetting.

Hopefully those Creators will just comment on that post so that there will be at least a little new information…

But before then, let me just share some of my ideas for Pop 2.0, as production on it is still in the early stages.

  • A better Home/Hub Island, hopefully like Skydock, which seems to have been cancelled…
  • Those pet thingies from Mocktropica…
  • Real villain backstories…
  • An explanation on the map…
  • The REAL origin of Poptropica, not like MotM…
  • and more to come!

That’s all for now. I’ll see you next Tuesday, as I will be discussing StoryArc Media, sharing some more ideas, and researching a game called….Adventure Pig?!

Stay ranting,

Tall Cactus


This is no time for an intro right now. The Creators recently released a post on their blog. The post that changes EVERYTHING: there will soon be a new Poptropica. 

I am in complete shock right now. I just wasn’t expecting this. I had a feeling that they would announce something this week, but I thought it would be another sneaker mini-game or even a new island, but now it seems like there will not be another island until this new Poptropica is released.

I am actually both happy and mad about this. Happy because of the new storylines and the fact that Pop’s social experience will improve, but mad about, well, everything else. I am 99.9% sure that the New Poptropica is entirely SUI. I also think that with the new plot line, most of the islands will be slightly changed, and sponsored islands might even get deleted. You never know. And as many new features as the Creators add, some will be deleted. The Creators could probably end up patching every single glitch in the game, which will cause a lot of the community to quit.

But when will this New Poptropica be released? All the Creators said was that it would be “later this year.” That probably means the fall. I bet it will be released in September 2016, just in time for Pop’s 9th Birthday. Yet, we don’t know for sure.

So, play all your favorite islands, glitch, find some cool outfits, just do everything, even the things you hate, because soon the Poptropica we have always known will be gone. Forever.

Tall Cactus

P.S.- I will also be replaying every non-sponsored island in their order of release. Ever since I completed every island back in November, I haven’t really been playing the actual islands, so this will bring back all my memories of the game before the huge update. Also, Skydock is pretty much cancelled now, it seems. The current Pop probably won’t be getting any more updates to islands.