Pop TV: Episode 4


Poptropica: The TV Series

Season 1, Episode 4

Time Mime

*Episode begins with Jack laying on the ground, regaining consciousness. He opens and closes his eyes once or twice before finally opening his eyes fully and standing up. He seems to be in some little town, a normal one, except for a laboratory being right in front of him.*

Jack: Wha-what, where am I? Where’s Piper?!

*Jack runs around, screaming Piper’s name.*

Jack: I guess this place is abandoned, no one’s even here. I never thought I would actually be worried about Piper for once.

*Just than, a woman with crazy hair walks out of the lab, crying.*

Jack: Looks like someone listened to me for once.

*Jack walks up to the woman.*

Jack: Have you seen a teen that’s my age who’s kinda short and has blonde hair and wears a rainbow headband around here, ma’am?

Woman: No, but we have a huge problem!

Jack: Um, what is it.

Woman: Follow me!

Jack: Um, I thought kids shouldn’t follow strangers, or even talk to them. Oh, oops. I’m talking to a stranger, yay…I’m just gonna try to find Piper now, bye!

Woman: You don’t understand! Please, come with me into the lab…

Jack: Ugh, whatever, I’ll help you with your “problem”.

Woman: Good, this is perfect…

*Jack and the woman enter the lab.*


*Inside the lab, Jack immediately notices a huge, gray machine.*

Jack: Woah, what’s that?

Woman: It’s a time machine, that Peter Pendulum, AKA my boss, created. It only allows uses to go 50 years into the future, but more features will be added once he and my fellow coworkers return from vacation. You see, I’m in charge of watching over the lab.

Jack: But then what’s wrong?

Woman: It glitched or something, I don’t even know, so all these imprints th objects from history for mixed up in different time periods, ruining the future. Why don’t you enter the machine and see for yourself.

Jack: Um, OK I guess…

*Jack enters the machine, and a bright blue flags of light is seen as he travels into the future.*

Jack: OMZ, what happened to this place?

*The place looks like a war zone, all the buildings are in ruins, and people are walking around like cavemen.*

Future Jack: Hello, younger me.

Jack: What was that?!

Future Jack: Over here! I’m you but 50 years older.

Jack: You look…old.

Future Jack: I’m only 64.

Jack: Still…

Future Jack: Anyways, I need you to fix the last and save the future. Here’s a list of all of the objects you need to find and return.

Jack: Um, how do you know all of this?

Future Jack: I have my ways. Anyways, here in my hand is the device you can use to travel back in time.

Jack: How did you even get it though?

Future Jack: You see, this device is a gift from my friend, who likes to call himself the “Time Mime”. Look, you can see him performing right over there!

*Time Mime pretends that he’s climbing a mountain, but eventually falls over and hurts his leg.*

Time Mime: I’m seriously done with this acting job, what’s even the point of it?

Future Jack: Shhh, we’ll get a thousand credits for doing this, some of those explorers are darn rich. Now get back in character before Jack hears!

Jack: Um, what was that…

Future Jack: Oh, just nothing you need to worry about. Anyways, here is the device. Use it wisely, and don’t lose it! Don’t wanna waste budget money.

*The Time Mime walks away angrily.*

Future Jack: Hehe, I mean, I don’t wanna waste MY money, it sure cost a lot, know what I mean?

Jack: Just give me the dumb thing so I can get out of here and save Piper!

Future Jack: OK, fine, take it younger me.

*Future Jack tosses the device over to the younger Jack.*

Jack: It’s time to fix time.

*Jack uses the dial on the small gold device to go back in time.*

*A montage, that lasts about a couple minutes, is then shown. A song is playing in the background as Jack is seen helping some historical people in all different time periods.*

Jack: OK, I returned all the items back to where they belong, now it’s time to go see the new future!

*The good future is all futuristic and sunny and happy with Hoverboards and hover cars and hover houses and everything hover.*

Jack: This is surprisingly cliche, I think I’m just gonna go back to the present now.

Future Jack: Wait wait I got you a medallion wait! Oh, he’s gone. Whatever…

Back in present day…

Jack: Now I gotta go tell that woman that I fixed everything.

*Jack walks into the lab. It’s empty. He’s runs back to the deserted street.*

Jack: None of this makes sense! None of it! The woman is gone! and I never heard of anything that I saw in the last until now, they had to be fake! Where’s the Battle of Poptropolis, where’s the formation of the Poptropican democracy? Not even one mention of President Paul Tropica? And those past people didn’t even notice that I was wearing modern clothing? None of that was real, none of it!

*Jack walks around in confusion for a few minutes, until he realizes something.*

Jack: When I traveled back in time, they were saying things about the “United States”, the country where Piper was from. Odd…where even is Piper? Wait, Piper’s not here at all! In fact, no one’s here!

*In his rage, Jack runs straight forward, right into a…wall?*

Jack: What?! There isn’t a wall here…oh no, what if I’m turning into a mime! What if Time Mime’s time travel device makes everyone who uses it turn into mimes permanently? What do I do, what do I do?!

*He then punches the wall a bunch of times. Suddenly, the entire thing collapses and he sees his parents, Piper and some other strangers in a dark room. One of the strangers looked exactly like that scientist woman, one looked exactly like the Time Mime, and the rest looked like all the historical characters Jack met.*

Jack: Um, um, what the heck are you doing here?!

Octavian: You far exceeded our expectations, Jack.

Jack: Expectations? You knew about this?!

Amelia: Well, not the blimp part, that is. We were planning to do the test in a few years, but then we got that phone alert about you and Piper stealing our blimp…

Jack: This was a test?

*Octavian and Amelia fall silent, staring at Jack’s shocked facial expression. After a few moments of silence, Octavian says something.*

Octavian: Yes, it was a test. We just couldn’t think of any other way to decide whether you’re ready of being an explorer. Your mother and I were once explorers ourselves, you know…


(All that is seen during the end credits is a sign that says “To be continued…” while some music is heard in the background.)

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