Theory Thursdays: The Timeline of the Islands

Hey Poptropicans! Get ready, cause this week’s (and next week’s) theory is long and even a little crazy…ready now? Then let’s get this started…


Bob the TV Man:”But first we have to interrupt this program for the commercial break.”

Dang it…





*kicks Bob out the door*

Sorry ’bout that…under my watch, Bob won’t be coming back to spam my posts anytime soon. Oh whatever, let’s just start the theory already!!!

Today I will be discussing the order of which the islands occur in. Yes, I know you can play islands in any order, but this order makes the most sense for the actual plot of it all.

Of course, the first island is Monkey Wrench, cause you get your blimp LOL. I also want to point out that your Poptropican has probably always lived on Home Island before then.

After that, many of the islands could happen at anytime, and some have to be before or after Super Villain, and there are others that have no clues at all, so here’s my list:

  1. Early Poptropica to Super Power
  2. Astro-Knights + Counterfeit
  3. Mythology to Shrink Ray
  4. Game Show to Lunar Colony
  5. Super Villain
  6. Reality TV
  7. Spy
  8. Mystery Train
  9. Zomberry to Monster Carnival
  10. Survival
  11. PoptropiCon to Arabian Nights
  12. Escape From Pelican Rock
  14. whatever new islands await us…

The reason it’s like that is because of this: Black Widow, Dr. Hare, and Betty Jetty escape Erewhon after Super Villain, and enter Reality TV. Director D is there too, as this was before he got caught. After they lose, the events of Spy Island take place, and then Mystery Train (that’s why Director D and that French lady don’t appear in Super Villain). Then it’s fine for a while, until Survival Island. Your blimp is ruined in this island, so you return to Home Island in that huge helicopter, and you travel on different flying machines for PoptropiCon and Arabian Nights, and a ship for Mission Atlantis. That’s why your blimp is not seen during these islands. Then comes Pelican Rock, and it once again appears on Main Street as the monkeys from Monkey Wrench have finally fixed your blimp.

Lastly, the last island in the timeline would have to be Mocktropica. Why? It’s when your Poptropican finally realizes that they are in a computer game. The end!

Actually I’m just joking, Mocktropica ain’t canon to meh. Sorry Creators, even though it’s not canon it’s still a great island. Anyways, the real last island is…the next island that comes out, of course, but that may not happen till the New Pop/Poptropica 2.0 comes out. Just gotta wait and see…

-Tall Cactus

P.S.- I do in fact want to do a theory on the New Poptropica, but it just isn’t possible at the moment, just not enough info. I plan to do one either next month or sometime this summer when we get more details.

4 thoughts on “Theory Thursdays: The Timeline of the Islands

  1. Is it bad that I actually watched all the Stuffies videos (and concluded that I would lose my stuff in them)?


    wowsa. I had an ad person once. But it turns out he puts the ads on MY thing, rather than on other peoples. No prizes on guessing what happened to him.


    • i took this into a lot of consideration. It make sense that Mocktropica isn’t Canon! So if you’re writing a fan-fiction about the islands, what do you do?
      *Laughs maniacally*
      *everyone stares at Lucky*
      Uh, i’m just gonna leave now.


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