#MyPoptropicaCostume – The Best Contest Yet

We just got some HUGE news, guys. While it may not be a New Pop release date or a new island, it’s still something very fun and exciting. Get ready for…



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Utter Disappointment

One day, TC was just checking the Creators’ Blog like she always does after a long day at school. Most of the time there isn’t a new post, but this day, oh this day was different…



Excitedly, and nervously, TC clicked the post, expecting some huge revelations on the upcoming game. Little did she know it was just…


A worm. A freaking worm.

I am so freaking mad right now that I can’t even continue talking in third person. All that waiting, for this?!


We better get some real sneak peaks next time, we better.

-Tall Cactus is MAD 😡


Halloween Horrors…

…that aren’t actually scary, but I like the title so I’m sticking with it.

Finally, the winners have been announced! That only took a month, lol.


When you’re too lazy to actually post the pictures yourself…

In other news, this month’s Islands of the Month are Mythology and Monster Carnival, so play ’em I’d you want some cool credits and some good scares! Apparently more costumes (that are hopefully better than the Fall Fashion ones, eek) will be entering the store soon, for members only.

Another Halloween photo booth contest is also starting next week, as the exact same photo booth from last year’s celebration has returned. I made one myself a while, may just copy it to enter the contest next week, cause I love it too much.



Yet, there actually is something that’s horrifying. That is the recent Home Island update…


Not only is Amelia wearing a sweater that’s most likely from the Fall Failure I mean Fashion outfits, but…



Sorry bro, but I’m pretty sure 24 Carrot Island isn’t a place of “almost-certain death.”


7.8/10 too babyish for meh


Why is your hair blue? Thanks for the valuable lesson tho.

Yet none of this can come close to DJ Saturday Nite’s new hair dye…

See the comparison?!

I have no words right now, it’s way too sp00py for me…

-Tall Cactus/Devil DJ 

Rant: Islands of the Month and Credits

Hey Poptropicacti, TC here with some more news! And no, it’s sadly still not a new island, but it’s something


Yup, now when you complete an island for the first time you get 300 credits, double the amount of before. Even better, there will now be two Islands of the Month each month that will get you 500 credits for all you new players out there!

Screams into pillow.

Okay, we need to talk about this, like, now.

Why. The. Heck. Do. The. Creators. Only. Care. About. New. Players. Now. And. Can. They. Stop. With. The. Credits.

I’m once again doing one of my lovely rants, as you saw in the title of this here “news” post. Only this time, I’m not gonna go all crazy with the capital letters, because, well…


Uh…what was I even thinking back then…this was before New Pop’s announcement for crying out loud!

Yeah, it was bad. So let’s start over with a new and improved rant format, right…now!

Part 1: Islands of the Month?!

This could have been a great new series, becuase of that name… It could have been like the Ultimate Poptropica Island Showdown, except split into monthly parts and have way more votes. It could’ve been great! (+5 points for that reference 😉 )

But nope, it’s just a way for the Creators to get more people to play some of their worst islands. New players for that matter, only first time completions get you the extra credits!

Like, who even likes Virus Hunter or MotM? VH was way too hard and gross and glitchy, and MotM was just, boring. Not to mention that they are both SUIs, I’m not even gonna get into that though.

Ugh, what’s even the point of IotM, just release the 9th birthday stuff already. Let’s hope they have enough time to celebrate their own game’s release at least…

Part 2: Why so many credits?!

Seriously, they have updated the credit count for completing islands from 100, to 50, to 150 last summer, and now 300.

Just stop already, it’s not like you’re adding those new store items like you said back when the Wheel first popped out of nowhere. 150 credits was the perfect amount anyway, now it’s just becoming annoying and making it too easy for people, where’s the challenge anymore?

And the credits thing may not even be true. A good friend of mine, Shaky Skunk, told me that after completing Early Poptropica on one of her brand new ASG accounts, she only received 150 credits, not the promised 300 for first time completions.

So either it was a glitch or they posted about an update that didn’t even come out yet…

Part 3: Don’t forget about us experienced players! 

Literally, ever since Monkey Wrench released back in February, the Creators have been focusing mainly on the brand new players that may stumble on the game for just a few brief hours and then switch to Minecraft or something, not us devoted, paying members. Like, if you’re a member like me, all of this sucks because you can buy all the store items for “free”, credits are useless. Come up with something new, Creators!

All of this “new players come first” structure is probably gonna mess up everything in the future, more and more older players are quitting and less and less new players are buying membership since they can now afford double the store costumes and powers. Just imagine what will happen in New Pop, I’m scared…

Let’s just say, I am very disappointed in you, Creators. New Pop better be good, since you’re spending all your time on that apparently. It better be…

-Tall Cactus


On the evening of August 25th, 2016, Tall Cactus was laying in her bed, hanging out on the PHC and other Discord servers via her iPad Mini. But then some people start talking about some new post on the Crestors’ Blog. A curious cactus was she, she went right on to the Internet and checked the Blog, only to be surprised with…



“OMG THIS IS FREAKING CRAZY I NEED TO WRITE A POST NOOOOOW!” she thought to herself and only after it was done…

“I seriously need to stop with these third person intros.”

Hey Poptropicacti, as you saw above, there’s finally some New Pop news! And the Creators are doing polls on them too! With Polldaddy, the thing that I use! Aaaaaah!

Looks like your Poptropican will be getting an actual house. Not very surprising to be honest. But I am surprised that your house is on your own tiny island and not Home Island. If Home Island is actually going to exist in the New Pop, I have no idea.

Anyways, there is a poll on which of those five houses you like the best, and I guess the winner will be included in the New Pop!

Your options are…






My fav has to be Tudor, and Beach is at a close second. As for the others, no offense Creators, I don’t really like them.

You can vote right here: http://blog.poptropica.com/2016/08/vote-for-your-favorite-new-poptropica.html

Voting ends on Sunday at 12 am EST, so be sure to decide and vote quickly!

I’d also like to point out that New Pop’s art design is pretty similar to the Current Pop and it’s in 2D, so don’t worry! The post also mentioned that New Pop will still be coming out later this year, so a November or December release date is very likely.

-Tall Cactus


New Store Items: Lost Expedition Edition!

If you haven’t seen the newest post on the Creators’ Blog yet, then read it here.

Hey Poptropicacti, TC here with some news! Finally, after half a year, a new island has been announced. It shall be called…

Kidz Bop Suckz Island!

Haha, I’m just joking around. Sadly, that island will never exist due to copyright. And no new island has even been announced yet, since the Creators are so, so busy with New Pop.

But we did get some news, that being a set of new store items and costumes based off of the upcoming sequel to the oh-so-terrible MotM, The Lost Expedition!

Never mind MotM, TLE (or LE, trying to come up with a good shortened version for this) looks way better than MotM already, just look at these awesome items!



(Pictures from the Creators’ Blog)

These new cards sure are awesome, and way better than a bunch of Vikings, but they get me wondering. Who’s the Trooper guy? What’s that Stun Baton? What about Loon’s Head Cane? And SHAKESPEARE will be in Poptropica?!

It definitely looks like there will be a whole lotta island hopping in TLE, and a ton of secrets and lore will be revealed. I’m not waiting till the book comes out, I have too many theories already! But I’m not gonna be explaining in this short random news post, you’ll see on Thursday, cause Theory Thursdays, of course.

I know, you don’t want to wait till Thursday. Don’t worry, it’ll come way sooner than you expect, and Episode 7 of Pop TV is tomorrow! See ya then…

-Tall Cactus



Interview With Mitch Krpata and Episode 6 Update

Hey Poptropicacti, TC here with some more graphic novel news!

There was recently an interview with the author of the second Poptropica graphic novel, and longtime Creator, Mitch Krpata, on the Poptropica Creators’ Blog. It’s really interesting, and I actually have high hopes for the rest of the series, even though I will foreber hate MotM. You can read the entire interview right here.

I’d also like to update you on today’s Pop TV episode, Episode 6. You might be wondering why it isn’t out yet, as it’s already like 6 PM EST (as of this post) and new episodes are usually posted every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 AM EST. Well, I kept procrastinating writing it. I could have just done it today but I was busy most of the day. So yeah, it’s gonna be late, expect a release super duper late tonight or anytime tomorrow or Friday. Sorry about that. Don’t worry though, Episode 7 will be posted on Saturday as originally planned.

That’s all for now, I’ll see you in the next post!

-Tall Cactus

Check the Creators’ Blog!

Soooo the second round of the #PoptropicArt finalists have been announced, this time from Facebook. But since I’m still on vacation and I’m writing this post on my iPhone, I’m not gonna be able to just post the pics directly in this post. Just go to this link to see ’em: http://blog.poptropica.com/2016/08/the-next-round-of-poptropicaart.html?m=1

I also remembered that I forgot to post about the original set of finalists from Twitter, so here’s the link if you wanna see those pics: http://blog.poptropica.com/2016/07/check-out-these-amazing-poptropicaart.html?m=1

And I’m out! Episode 5 is tomorrow, get ready…

-Tall Cactus

What Happened to the Pop Store?!

OK, this is crazy. There’s even moar news to post about! And yes, I spelled more as moar for entertainment purposes.

So, Pop has been updated two times today, and yet there’s not a single Creators’ Blog post about these major changes. Oh well.

If you didn’t notice already, the Pop Store has been updated with lots of new costumes…and the “Gold Cards” are brown now?!


BTW, those costumes shown in the pic are NOT new ones.

But all these new costumes cover up at dark secret: a bunch of older costumes, even some of the free ones, have been REMOVED, as you can see in this gif:


How rude of those Creators. Anyways, if you want to see all of the store changes, check out the gif below. Warning: it’s SUPER long.


Well, that’s all for now. Check my blog again later tonight as the Top 5 Lists post should be out at around 7-10 pm EST.

-Tall Cactus

BTW, thanks to Mighty Gamer, Brave Dolphin, and Teen Arachnid for the pics and gifs, as Pop STILL won’t load for me.






Wheel of Fortune: Poptropica Edition

UPDATE: A Creators’ Blog post is now up about the Wheel. Read it here.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Wheel of Fortune! I’m your host, Tall Cactus. Unlike previous episodes, this time all of you will be winners, even if you are watching this on your TV at home, as each and every one of you will be rewarded with some lovely… Poptropica credits!

All you need to do is log onto Poptropica, where you will be taken to Home Island. Once there, you will come across a wheel with a handsome looking gentleman standing nearby.


Then all you have to do is click a couple times to spin the wheel, and the credtis will be yours! You can get anywhere from 25 credits to the rare Grand Prize. Now that’s a sweet deal. That is, unless you’re a Poptropica Member like me, and you can buy everything in the store without credits.



But wait, there’s more!

You can only spin the wheel once…everyday! How great is that?


Before we have the commercial break, I’d like to thank Mighty Gamer for the pics because when I tried to log into Pop it wouldn’t load.

In other news, even though there hasn’t been a Creators’ Blog post on the Wheel yet, I finally stumbled across a post that came out on Wednesday. You can read it right here. It talked about the new video that I posted about a few days ago, along with another Pop App update. I don’t really play the app much anymore, so that’s why I don’t talk about it much.

But the last sentence is what’s most important:

Screenshot 2016-07-08 at 12.59.11 PM

Very mysterious, Skinny Moon. Does this mean we are finally getting news on the New Pop, or is it just the Wheel of Fortune Credits that came out today? Only time will tell…

*commercial comes on*

-Tall Cactus