Cacti Pop Chat


The Cacti Pop Chat, or the CPC, is the totally awesome Discord server for this blog! Sadly, I’m having a hard time trying to post a link here, but I’ll eventually find a way and when I do it will be posted right here. On the meantime, ask me on Discord for an invite code, apologies for the technical difficulties.


  1. Stay kid-friendly! Poptropicans of all ages will be on the CPC so you need to make sure not to post any inappropriate content or swearing. Any form of adult content will be deleted ASAP.
  2. Stay on topic! We have different channels for a reason, so try to keep the discussion about the newest Pop TV episode on #pop-tv and not #i-cant-glitch.
  3. No spam! I think this is pretty straightforward. Spamming is really annoying and can interrupt conversations, so please try not to do it. This includes saying something like “Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Just please try to not repeat a letter/symbol more than three times in one word. However, you can spam freely without a care in #spammmmmmmmmm. 😉
  4. Don’t be a jerk, even though it’s not Christmas! Sorry for that SpongeBob reference, LOL. Anyways, bullying is strictly prohibited and if you won’t stop saying mean things about someone then you will be punished, big time. But this doesn’t apply to fictional characters. Say whatever the heck you want about them, I don’t care.
  5. Please don’t ask to be promoted to a higher role. That won’t help. Like, at all. The same goes for asking to be an author on my blog. I’m sorry to say this, but I will be the only author on my blog. I may invite other authors if I become too busy with school, but I doubt that.
  6. No politics, religion or money discussions. These can be some very controversial things to share with others, especially online, and I don’t want to get into that kind of drama. People can and will get offended about these kind of things. Stuff like these definitely do not belong on a server for a kids’ game.
  7. No personal info! The Internet can be a dangerous place sometimes. So be careful about what information you share about yourself. Things like what country or state you live in are fine, as those things are even shown in Pop itself, and so is your first name, but never give away what town or city you live in, or your cell phone number or full name, and other personal info that specific. I just want you to stay as safe as possible.



You’ll get a kick if you break one of the rules. You may actually get a warning before that happens, but only if you’re new to the chat.

When you get a kick, you’ll literally be kicked of the server, but you can rejoin right away by asking for the invite code.

However, if you get more than three kicks over the course of one month, you’re not gonna get away that easily…


You’ll get banned from the server for a day if you continue to cause drama in the CPC. Once you return back to the server, if you get three more kicks you’ll be banned for a week. Still haven’t learned your lesson? Goodbye for an entire month. And when you finally come back from that and cause even more trouble, you’ll be banned permanently. Game over!

This kick and ban system will be changed depending on what you do. Like, if you bully someone you’ll be banned, not kicked, until you apologize to the person you were being a jerk to and promise not to do it again. If you post inappropriate things, you’ll also be banned right away until you swear you’ll stop.


Owner/Cacti Queen: There will only ever be one owner, that being me (Tall Cactus). I may change the name sometimes for some fun, but it still means the same thing: me having total control over the CPC.

Admins/Royal Fam: You also have some control over the server, you just can’t change the name or delete it and that kinda stuff. You also have access to the secret staff-only channels.

Ze Mods: If you follow the rules you may eventually be promoted to a moderator. You’ll get to ban and kick other people and get access to the special staff-only channels.

Everyone Else: You are just normal. Sorry ‘bout that, you can always be promoted.


#da-rules: the channel you’re on right now.
#home-base: the main channel.
#pop-is-op: the Poptropica-only channel.
#the-fine-arts: the artistic channel.
#911: when you need help with something.
#spammmmmmmmmmmmmm: sukzjdjdskska
#blog-posts: my blog and its posts.
#our-discovery-island: I’m glad, glad, glad!
#pop-tv: the fan fic channel.
#thank-god-its-theory-thursday: theories.
#i-cant-glitch: the glitching channel.
#breaking-news: the announcement channel.
#jail: the banlog. STAFF ONLY!!!
#the-secret-society: the secret staff-only channel, not the upcoming graphic novel.


Talking: talk here.
Singing: sing here.
Screaming: scream here.
Pure Silence: …
ODI Songs: I’m glad, glad, glad! Play the dumb I MEAN AMAZING Our Discovery Island songs here.