Theory Week: Aliens!

Welcome back to Theory Week, Poptropica, er, theorists! Man, I seriously can’t stand that I say words like “theory” so much in these…theory posts. Oh well…


Before we begin, I just want to clear something up. Theories will be the only posts (except if we get some news and I do a post on that) that I will be posting this week, and the last theory just so happens to be on, you guessed it, Thursday. The regular schedule will start again on Friday with a Top 10 List, but be warned, there will be a new schedule starting in August, because of the fan-fiction. That’s all I’m going to say on the matter for now.

Also, recently a storm of theory ideas popped into my head, so Theory Thursdays will once again be every single week!

Let’s get started with today’s theory now, shall we…

So, I’m sure a lot of you agreed with the popular theory that the aliens from Lunar Colony and Mission Atlantis are the same alien race, right? You know, the theory that Skinny Moon, an actual Creator, stated that this theory was in fact true. But there’s another group of aliens that many people tend to forget about. Yes, I’m talking about the aliens from Astro-Knights Island.

*insert picture here*

I think we can all agree that the aliens in Astro Knughts are very, very different than the ones in LC and MA*.

But then again, we don’t know much about about the LC/MA aliens, we never even got to see what they look like! So, are the LC/MA and the AK** aliens the same? Let’s look at the evidence.

Evidence supporting that they are the SAME aliens:

  • They are aliens
  • We don’t know much about them
  •  Both kinds lived on the Moon at some point
  • The alien race could have split into two groups, with one group crash landing in the ocean before humans even existed, and the other group, that was originally coming to rescue them, couldn’t find them and moved to the Moon
  • The Moon aliens could have left the Moon after the events of Astro Knights, leaving behind the ruins seen in LC

Evidence supporting that they are totally DIFFERENT aliens:

  • The AK aliens speak and write in English, but the LC/MA have a totally different written language
  • LC/MA is a lot more advanced, with portals, huge spaceships the size of cities, etc. The AK aliens just make space ships that look similar to the ones that humans make, although I should point out that their ships are way faster than anything humans can make
  • The Moon from AK is totally different from the one in LC
  • AK aliens look like the cliche ones you find in children’s’ books, with green skin and stuff. Other than that, they look similar to Poptropicans. We don’t know what the LC/MA aliens look like, but the probably look different
  • Once again, the AK aliens could have left the Moon at one point, but they may have came after the LC ones came
  •  And much, much more…

To be honest, I think that they are different aliens, and that the Creators totally forgot about AK when making LC. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

-Tall Cactus

*LC = Lunar Colony and MA = Mission Atlantis (not Mad APPer)

**AK= Astro Knights


3 thoughts on “Theory Week: Aliens!

  1. Everytime I do a Poptropica theory (after no-pop month), I’m thinking of ending it with “But that’s just a theory. A POPTROPICA THEORY!”

    Game Theory ftw


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