The Future of TCPB

Hey guys, I’m here with another update. This one, however, may just be the most important one yet. I should have done this post closer to the new year, but I just felt that it would be better to do it sooner than later.

As you all know, school has started for me. And New Pop will be coming out soon. By soon I mean a couple months, of course.

This means that I’ll mainly just be doing Throwback/Theory Thursdays and Sunday Surprises for a while, along with random posts like this and any other unplanned posts. I know it’s boring, but I don’t know what else to do at the moment.

Back to New Pop. This blog will still exist when it releases, and will be basically the same except for a few minor details, such as a new, updated header.

“But what if the New Pop is terrible and everyone losses interest and quits?!”

I doubt that will happen. We shouldn’t judge it until it actually comes out. And even if it does suck, I won’t be going anywhere for a while. I just love blogging too much to quit. Heck, I hope to stay for the entirety of 2017 if possible! No promises, though.

And to start 2017, there will be a month long celebration in January for the one year anniversary of TCPB’s existence. There will be contests, parties, and so, so much more, it’s gonna be great. Just wait and see. 😉

Some other things to look forward to in 2017…

  • Monthly parties!
  • The return of the Costume Contests!
  • Art! And lots of it!
  • A ton of New Pop posts and/or series! (Like Expections VS Realities, reviews, theories, and more…)
  • Along with some Current-soon-to-be-Old-Pop posts maybe.

But most importantly…

Pop TV: Secret of the Medallions will officially begin sometime this winter! 

Yeah, unlike the Pilot Episodes and Totem Curse, this is the real thing and it will not be cancelled unless I quit. The wait will be worth it, I promise, as it will be written better, have an even more interesting story, and best of all, will not have to get ruined by New Pop, since it’s coming out after it, leaving plenty of time for revisions before I begin posting it.

About how often new episodes will come out once it begins, I’m not sure right now. It’ll either be once a week or twice a week, depends on how busy I turn out to be. There will still be 3 seasons as originally planned, as I mentioned before.

So yeah, 2017 is gonna be an amazing and exciting year for both TCPB and Poptropica! If you’re still worried, who knows, maybe Era 2 Pop will be better than Era 1, the Creators surprise us.

Don’t be surprised if I started calling New Pop Era 2 and Current/Old Pop Era 1, I’m kinda a huge Steven Universe fan, lol.

Anyways, the months leading up to 2017 are going to be tough, but we will get through it! Just remember: even if the Era 2 Pop stinks, I will try to make the most of it.

I’ll see you in a couple days for the final week of Throwback Thursdays, which just so happens to be mainly about 2016 and beyond.

-Tall Cactus



Hey Poptropicacti, TC here with some surprising news. I am very excited to annouce a new weekly series, a TCPB exclusive, the craziest idea I have came up with yet. Tune in next Sunday for the first edition of…

Spectacular Sunday Surprises!


Thanks for the logo, Shaky Skunk!

Every Sunday, a unique, interesting, or just plain weird post will be posted to bring a great start for your week! Or if you live somewhere outside of the USA, then I guess it will end your week! Doesn’t really matter though.

What will these posts be about, you ask? Well I can’t tell you or else I’ll ruin the surprise. Just know that it could be anything… Poptropica related, that is.

In other news, Shaky Skunk also made a cute little logo thingie for ze TCPB, so take a look below!


And finally, I am happy to announce that this blog’s official Discord server, the Cacti Pop Chat or CPC, will be opening sometime next week! Here’s a little sneak peak, the CPC logo by Ulitmate iPad Expert.


Well…some of you know that I actually tried opening the CPC a couple days ago, but I ended up deleting it. Twice. I’m not gonna go into the details, as I’m still upset about it, so all you need to know is that some really bad people somehow got the code and started doing really bad stuff. I tried banning them, but there was a glitch on Discord that wouldn’t let me ban, only kick. Sooo I had no choice but to delete the entire server.

Hopefully by the time I open it for real that glitch will be fixed and I will be to ban any trouble makers and keep the server a safe, fun place.

That’s all for this update post, see ya on Wendesday for Episode 6 of Pop TV!

The Surprising Tall Cactus


Vacation and Island Review Update

Hey guys, TC here. Following the excitement of the first Pop TV episode, I have a couple updates to share, as you saw in the title.

Yup, I’m once again going on vacation. I’m leaving on Saturday, I think, and I will be gone for about a week. However, unlike the vacation I went on back in June, I will NOT be inactive. I figured out that you can just write posts ahead of time and schedule them to be published whenever you want, so I’ll be doing that. That means I’ll be working hard these next few days to write more episodes of the fan fic and some theories for you guys to enjoy next week. That also means that unplanned posts, like any breaking news over on the Creators’ Blog, may not be covered until days after it happens. Or it may be posted about right away if it’s at the perfect time. Or it may not be covered at all, it all depends on how important it is. But don’t worry, this blog will still be as active as usual.

Oh, and I’ll still be on Discord, but I may be a tad more inactive, it all depends on how busy I am. I thought I wouldn’t I wouldn’t be active last time, yet I end up being on there for hours each day.

And then there are the Island Reviews. It is Sunday, if you live in the US like me, that is, so there should have been a review today, right? Well…

Island Reviews are no longer a weekly series.

Yeah, I’m really sorry about this, but it’s not like they’re cancelled or anything. It’s just that they will be posted whenever I feel like it, and there won’t be a schedule of any sort. For example, there could be a month where five reviews are posted, and the next month there could be none.

The reason I’m doing this is because island reviews take very, very long for me to right. Even longer than a theory. It’s not easy to either, you gotta find the perfect words to describe some of the islands, and some are just hard to have a strong opinion about. And, I don’t know, I just don’t really enjoy doing them that often, let alone every week. Plus, two other blogs are doing island reviews as a series, too. Oh well.

Again, I’m sorry about this, but it was my only choice. See you on Wednesday for Episode 2 of Pop TV!

-Tall Cactus

Updates: New Schedule + Upcoming Series Release Date Info

Hey, BLOG-tropicans, TC here, once again, with some more blog updates.

I have a new posting schedule planned, so take a lookie below:

  • Sunday: Island Reviews (My Blog ONLY)
  • Monday: nothin’ planned
  • Tuesday: nothin’ planned
  • Wednesday: New Episode of the Fan Fic (My Blog + ECC)
  • Thursday: Theory (My Blog + ECC) 
  • Friday: nothin’ planned
  • Saturday: New Episode of the Fan Fic (My Blog + ECC); Villain Showdown (PTFP)

As for the non-weekly posts…

  • News: As soon as it is out, doesn’t matter what day or time, may be a few hours late depending on what I, doing in the real world (like school) and on ALL blogs that I work on
  • Costume Contests: My blog only, beginning and end of each month, probably…
  • Top 5/10 Lists: Whenever I want, period.
  • Random Posts: Whenever I want, period.
  • Special Posts: On special occasions
  • New Pop: Whenever I want, or if there is MAJOR news about it

This new schedule will not start till my new series comes out, however. Until it does come out, I will only really be posting Theory Thursdays as I will be busy with writing as much as the story as I can.

You may just remember that I had originally planned for this “Mysterious Upcoming Fan Fiction” to be officially announced (like its name and stuff) on July 30th and for it to start releasing on August 3rd.

Well, that is going to change a little bit.

With New Pop approaching closer and closer everyday, I’m actually going to try to get this series up and running as soon as possible. That’s why the first episode will now come out on July 30th, and you will find out all sorts of info about it in a post that will be released…


Yup, it’s true. Now you will learn the series’ actual NAME tomorrow afternoon, right here on my blog and ECC.

See you then.

-Tall Cactus



I’m BACK…with a TON of news!!!

I’m home from vacation, which means that I shall be active with posting once again!

Yes, I know I originally said that I wasn’t going to post again till tomorrow, June 24th, yet I got home a lot earlier today than I thought, why not post now? And yes, I also know that I said that I wasn’t going to be on Discord, but I wasn’t nearly as busy as I thought I would be, so I wasn’t just on Discord, I was pretty darn active there too.

I was also at the Summer Kickoff Party, which I was very happy about as I almost had to miss it. That party was amazing, with a lot of tree-pushing, fireworks, and lag. I even got a doodle of myself drawn by Criaha, who was finally doing some art requests, and mine is now my Discord profile picture!

Screenshot 2016-06-20 at 8.06.55 PM.png

Not only that, but Skinny Moon came on the PHC for the third time, having another Q&A session. None of my questions got answered, sadly, but many did and you can check them all out in this PHB post!

One thing that stood out to me is that Skinny Moon herself CONFIRMED that the popular theory of the Lunar Colony and Mission Atlantis aliens being the same alien race is TRUE!!! Gosh, finally at least one theory has been proven correct, even though it wasn’t mine.

BTW, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, then you may have a slight memory of “Island Ideas” that only ever got one noobish post and that Island Replay Challenge thing that I was supposed to restart nearly two weeks ago. Well, they are both cancelled, as everyone, including me at one point, have forgotten them and I probably wouldn’t have came up with enough fan islands or have enough time and patience to complete all those islands in just a couple months.

Probably not many of you care about those two series being cancelled, as they never really became a thing, but this next cancellation is different…

The New Poptropica: Dreams and Realities is CANCELLED. 

I know what you’re all thinking right now. I did only start it a few weeks ago, and the series had a lot of potential and was pretty popular. Yet I have been thinking about it deeply, and I decided that cancelling it was the best choice for me. Why? Well, to put it in a nutshell, I can’t be happy or excited about the New Pop. I felt like those New Pop posts were so negative and I didn’t have much fun writing them. I’m really sorry to all of you about this, I’ve been cancelling so much lately. Don’t worry though, as I may still do New Pop predictions once we get some actual news, but it won’t be weekly, that’s for sure. Also, I, with the help of fellow ECC author Mighty Gamer, will officially begin writing the first episode of my upcoming fan fiction tomorrow, and…

I would proudly like to announce…


*insert logo here*

Get ready, because starting tomorrow, there will be a theory a day, all week long!

It’s gonna be awesome, just you wait and see…

-Tall Cactus

Oh, and I guess I wasn’t the first person to come up with “Cacti FTW.”


Some Technical Difficulties

UPDATE: The menu has been fixed! Thanks Mighty Gamer!!! (10:04 pm)

As you may have already seen, there are some technical difficulties happening to my blog right now. I am trying to add some drop down menus, but it is not working and I have no idea why. That’s why the menu looks so crazy. I’m going to try to fix the menu tomorrow, and I’ll also be updating more of the pages. Have a good night, Poptropicans.

-Tall Cactus

BTW, you may have noticed the blog’s new theme. Do you like it? Or do you want me to switch back to the old theme or find a new one? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


It’s SUMMER!!!

Yup, you heard it. School’s out for 3 months so I’ll be able to spend all of my time with Poptropica and blogging. Well, not all my time. I do have a life, you know.

I’m just so happy!!! Take it away, Olaf!

But then again…

I’m sick and I had to post this on my phone, something I do during Poptropica emergencies and I don’t have access to a computer…or if in this case, if I can’t get out of bed.

Anyway, that means no Top 10 List today.

Also, when I feel better, I’m going to start writing my new fan fiction, that will release in August. I don’t want to end up cancelling this one too!

I’ll also add some new pages, update the old ones, and maybe even change the blog’s theme! Don’t expect these updates until at least tomorrow or Sunday, as I really don’t feel good right now.

That’s all for today. See you on Sunday, hopefully…

-Tall Cactus



Well, sorry I haven’t been posting these past few days. I was…busy, with stuff. I know you guys were expecting Totem Curse, but I’ve been thinking about the future of this here blog. Today it’s time to reveal…

Ze New Awesome Post Schedule!!!

  • SUNDAY: Island Reviews
  • the worst day of the week…
  • TUESDAY:  The New Poptropica (Hopes and Predictions)
  • WEDNESDAYS: Posts of Randomness
  • THURSDAY: Theories (Only Every Other Thursday Though)
  • FRIDAY: Top 10 Lists
  • SATURDAY: Fan-fictions

Confused? Let’s go into more detail below.

As you all know, on SUNDAYS, I do the Ultimate Poptropica Island Showdown (UPIS). But this Sunday, AKA tomorrow (as of May 21st, 2016) the winning island will be announced, which means that I will have to come up with a new series to take it’s place. Well, this new series is going to be Island Reviews, where I will be reviewing each and every Poptropica island available so far, all the way from the nostalgic 2007 classic, Early Poptropica, to the recently released tutorial for new players, Monkey Wrench Island. This series will last for a really long time, way longer than the 4-month long UPIS. The first review will be posted on May 29th, 2016!

MONDAYS totally stink. I think we can all agree on that. I know what I want to post on every other day of the week except Mon-blah, so no special posts. There could be some news, I guess? I don’t even know…

On TUESDAYS, I will be explaining my wants, needs, predictions, and theories on what the New Poptropica/Pop 2.0 will bring before it releases sometime later this year. So this may not be the longest series…oh well…

WEDNESDAYS will now consist of random posts about Poptropica. Expect the unexpected.

THURSDAYS will basically stay the same as they have been, with a theory every other week. #TheoryThursdaysFTW!!!

On FRIDAYS, I will be doing Top 10 Lists about the game. Sorry Rebecca Black, but your song “Friday” is on my Top 10 List for Most Annoying Songs.

And finally, on SATURDAYS, not including today, of course, I will be posting fan fictions. Yes, this means that Totem Curse will now be once a week and Chapter 19 is now coming out on the 28th, not today. Don’t feel sad, though! This means that the series will last longer than it would have before, giving me more time to work on my next series, hehe…

So that’s the new schedule, folks! Hope you enjoy-

Wait. There’s one more thing that I want to announce. Starting this June, on the first day of every month, I will be having a Costume Contest. After the month’s theme is announced in a post, you will have that entire month to post a link of your Poptropican’s look (from the Avatar Studio or somethin’) in a comment. On the last day of the month, the winners are announced in a post. At the end of the year, the person who wins the most times will get to have an interview with me  posted on the blog on New Year’s Day. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Phew, well that was one long post. I’ll see you tomorrow for the finale of UPIS!

-Tall Cactus



Welcome to Dr. Hare’s Poptropica Blog!!!

HELOOOOOOOO people!!! It’s me again- the one and only DR. HARVEY HARE!!! You might have remembered me from when I did a guest post on Easter, but now I have a WordPress account and Tall Cactus quit this blog. So she gave total control over to me. IT’S ALL MINE!!! This is no longer Tall Cactus’ Poptropica Blog, but it is instead Dr. Hare’s Poptropica Blog! Ya

There have  been some other blog changes as well, such as a new and improved header! Also, I’m here to announce that the Totem Curse series has been cancelled. Well, the old chapters are still available as blog posts, but the Ultimate Guide has been deleted. I CAN DO WHATEVER THE HECK I WANT, SO DON’T GO COMPLAINING IN THE COMMENTS. The reason it has ended is since I don’t want my past to be revealed to the public. OK, it already has, but some of it hasn’t, so that’s OK I guess.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back soon for my first real post. And as always, REMEMBER TO EAT YOUR CARROTS, KIDS.

Dr. Harvey Hare, The Totem Curse Hater The Best Blogger Ever 😛

I’m Quitting The Blog :'(

I’m…really sorry, guys.  I just too stressed out with school right now to be running my own blog. I will still play Poptropica, I will still be on the PHC, and I will still be posting on the other blogs I work on, but not very often. It’s just that this is a solo blog, which means that it is a much bigger responsibility.

However, the blog itself won’t become dead. I gave ownership to someone else.

Oh, and sorry that there was no theory today. 😦

Tall Cactus